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Recommendation for a medium

Recommendation for a medium

„What medium can you recommend for me?“

I very often receive inquiries about which medium I would recommend. To take it in advance, I will not mention any names here, because I have already experienced that I am accused of exactly that, that I would make common cause with the medium. I dissociate myself expressly from any cooperation of financial kind with any medium. If I wanted to earn money, I would have kept my mouth shut and limited myself to my computer science professorship and software development, which is far more lucrative and secure, and I would not put my reputation and professional career at risk.

But to help you find your way to your medium, I would like to give you some criteria by which you can recognize a good and serious medium in my opinion (mind you, I am describing my personal point of view here). Basically, a medium should always work evidence-based, i.e. it must provide clear evidence, so that the authenticity of the deceased is also ensured. Researchable information has no value in this regard; it must be highly specific information. A reputable medium always offers a money-back guarantee, he/she also does not want to have any information from the client in advance. In fact, I always recommend signing up with a fake name. A good education is not a must, because there are many good mediums who are quite excellent even without education, but if you are looking for a clue, you should make sure that the medium has done an education in British Spiritualism, the teachers and the extent of the education should be mentioned. Most important, however, is the reputation of a medium. A good medium is always recommended to others and a longer waiting time for a free appointment is often a good signpost. In the end, however, it should be your own feeling that decides which medium is the right one for you.

The following sources are only available in German language: Tanja Schlömer’s podcast My life with the spiritual world is also recommended, where she explains in episodes 3 (reputable mediums) and 4 (visit to a medium) of Season 1, what you should look for when visiting a medium. Pascal Voggenhuber has also published a highly recommended video entitled How to Find and Choose a Real Medium and a website (https://www.pascal-voggenhuber.com/wie-erkenne-ich-ein-gutes-medium/), in which he does an excellent job of summarizing the crucial criteria in choosing a good medium.