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”One can be wrong in two ways. By believing what is not true. Or by refusing to believe what is true.“

Søren Kierkegaard


(Empirical Research of the Effectiveness and Authenticity of Messages from Spirit)

The EREAMS study is the largest study in the world to investigate the effectiveness and authenticity of messages from the spiritual world using an established scientific methodology. In the study, 500 afterlife contacts by mediumship (also called sittings) according to British spiritualism were investigated in the first survey, which were carried out by two renowned and Europe-wide known mediums. The results can be found in my book „Beyond Matter“ which will be published on 1st oft September 2023.

Our project team is made up of the following people:

  • Prof. Dr. rer. medic. Oliver S. Lazar (to the short vita)
    Scientific Project Management, Essen, Germany
  • Bettina-Suvi Rode (to the short vita)
    Spiritual book author, teacher, coach and medium, Dortmund, Germany
  • Tanja Schlömer (to the short vita)
    Spiritual teacher, coach and medium, Bottrop, Germany
  • Kathrin Stephan (to the short vita)
    Psychological Psychotherapist, Tübingen, Germany

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The EREAMS project is a questionnaire-based, empirical study to research messages from the spirit world in the so-called mixed-methods approach, this combines and integrates qualitative as well as quantitative research strategies, which should ultimately lead to an increase in knowledge gain. Thanks to the sitters‘ statements, this study sheds light on what experiences they had in an otherworldly contact, whether in their opinion an authentic soul contact took place and how it was perceived. Thus, the following two main research questions crystallize:

  1. Authenticity of the messages transmitted by mediumship
    The most important question in our study is whether the afterlife contact was authentic, that is, whether there was actually a genuine and verifiable contact with the soul of the deceased. The focus of the study is therefore on the examination and verification of the transmitted and objectively verifiable evidence, which is the most important prerequisite for the messages transmitted by the medium to be believed and accepted at all.

  2. Effects of the sittings on faith and comfort
    The second research question deals with the extent to which an afterlife contact can change one’s belief in a spiritual world and how this can affect healing and comfort.

The participants received an information sheet about the study before their sitting, which was on average 45 minutes long, and if they were interested, they gave consent to participate. In total, we received 500 questionnaires in this international study from Germany, Austria, the USA, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, France and India. 71 sceptics also participated. The survey started in March 2019 and ended in September 2022.

Evidence through objective verification
Many sceptics and materialistic scientists repeatedly accuse studies from the field of spirituality of not being objectively verifiable and thus evading recognised scientific methodology. Subjective perceptions and reports of experiences by those affected are not scientifically accepted. Such studies are not legitimate in a science that demands objectivity, measurability and repeatability in space and time. They demand an experimental character from scientific research, that is, that one demands measurability and repeatability. But this is not possible when researching human beings or their souls. The German philosopher and psychology pioneer Prof. Dr. Johann Friedrich Herbart (1776-1841) already very correctly recognised „that it is worthwhile for good reasons to think about the human being in a different way than on the basis of measurements“. And Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch (the most famous German TV-scientist) also said in the 100th episode of his science programme alpha-centauri that we humans are not legitimate test objects in experiments because we are constantly changing. We are not repeatable, so you can’t claim repeatability in research into otherworldly contacts either. Each session is basically a new experiment. But if you can recognise uniformities with great significance in 500 participants, then I think that is an expression of great evidence.

With our EREAMS study, however, we leave the realm of subjectivity. With our methodology we reach a completely new level of quality in the research of otherworldly contacts. We investigate highly specific evidence that is clearly verifiable. The following example from one of our questionnaires gives you a first impression of this. A mother who lost her daughter received a message from the medium that the girl would show her a rabbit and a single fish. The mother confirmed this message, because her deceased daughter did indeed have a rabbit and a single fish as pets. She wrote in the comments, „What child has a single fish as a pet? It’s certainly not something you can guess.“

The knowledge of this information cannot possibly be justified by research work, cold reading, psychology of witnesses and statements or any other natural explanation. The mentioned information was clearly verifiable, the mother of the girl could clearly confirm the information. Equally, however, she could have denied this message. There were many other such messages, e.g. which objects were put into the coffin, speech defects were imitated, family secrets that only the deceased can know or what were the last words at the deathbed. I think we can all agree that this highly specific information cannot be researched or fantasized about, even cold reading methods quickly reach their limits. We are also no longer talking about a personal feeling or one’s own subjective perception. We are talking about clear, objectively verifiable facts. But this is only the beginning, we have been able to prove another level of evidence, in addition we describe cases where one could verify certain information from the messages only afterwards through research and the involvement of other people, i.e. neither the medium nor the sitter can do anything with the message passed on. Only through subsequent research can this information be clarified. For example, a deceased grandmother told her (adult) grandson about a peach orchard in the garden behind the house, which the grandson did not know. Only when he asked his parents later was this information confirmed. Who do you think was the originator of this information? More details can be found in my book „Beyond Matter“ and in my lectures and interviews. The accusation that such spiritual studies evade a serious scientific methodology can therefore no longer be maintained. They are mostly just an expression of a dogmatic worldview.

The highly significant results of this empirical study not only shake the materialistic view of the world, they also very impressively confirm the evidence for a continuation of our consciousness even after physical death. The details of the individual study results as well as many examples and testimonials from the participants can be found in my book „Beyond Matter“.