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Tanja Schlömer

Tanja Schlömer

Tanja Schlömer
Spiritual teacher, coach and mediumh und Medium

My name is Tanja Schlömer. I am a natural medium, which simply means that I have perceived the spiritual world since childhood and was born with the ability to communicate with the deceased. What many wish for is everyday life for me. With all its facets.

As a child it was totally normal for me to recognize moods, to read auras, to perceive feelings of others and so on. Even today I remember that I always described people to my mother who were definitely not in the room. Then I found them again in old photos. However, I actually rationalized a lot of things away, because my environment could not give me a logical explanation. And quite honestly, some things are attributed to the blooming imagination of children. It was then my grandmother who explained to me that there are things between heaven and earth that not everyone takes for granted and therefore does not understand.

Thus all this always remained a part in my life, which I pushed however long „aside“. With increasing years, however, this was no longer possible and I began to deal intensively with my mediumship. I attended seminars, workshops, circles, began to exchange and especially to express what I perceived and what my reality is.

Since it was always important to me as the highest principle to deal very responsibly with these things, I had myself trained by Bettina Suvi Rode according to the English Spiritism, which puts a lot of emphasis on evidence. For more than six years now I have been working full-time as a medium throughout Germany and also in Austria. I have given well over a thousand sessions and have been allowed to experience and transmit the love of the spiritual world and the deceased. In my podcast My life with the spiritual world, by the way, I report on it and explain much about the „everyday“ questions that occupy every mourner and in seminars and workshops I pass on my practical and theoretical knowledge.

For me, living with Spirit is my everyday life and my absolute reality and it is a great honor and joy for me to be able to be a part of this study, to be able to contribute to what many actually also suspect: the spiritual world is around us, our deceased not gone. I hope that we can reach the consciousness of many people with this study and that they will begin to open up to their own feelings and perceptions.

Tanja Schlömer

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