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Bettina Suvi Rode

Bettina Suvi Rode

Bettina Suvi Rode
Spiritual book author, teacher, coach and medium

My name is Bettina-Suvi Rode. I am clairvoyant from birth and, if you like, literally a wanderer between worlds. Bright senses are often inherited in the family. Thus I also come from a Finnish healer family on my mother’s side. Especially my great-grandmother, who came from a southern Finnish Viking archipelago, is the subject of numerous stories in the family. My abilities to establish soul contacts between the living and the deceased have accompanied me all my life and are something very natural to me. For more than 12 years I have been working as a medium in Germany, but also internationally. Talent is not everything. I was trained by renowned luminaries of mediumship, such as Gordon Smith and James van Praagh.

Professionally, I worked as a foreign language correspondent for more than 30 years. So translating is in my blood. I translated back and forth between my German and Finnish relatives as a child growing up bilingually. Actually, I’ve been doing nothing else all my life. In recent years, it’s been more translating „spirit“ into „earthly“ and that’s in several earthly languages at once, such as English, German and Finnish.

I was always able to use my mediumship in a meaningful way in my various jobs as an assistant to the management or as a sales clerk for well-known internationally operating companies. I vividly remember a conversation with a Chinese representative of a large mining company, to whom I gave an answer to a question discussed between the Chinese business partners. She looked at me in surprise and asked, „Do you understand our language?“ I grinned at her and then, after a moment’s thought, said, „No, not really, I only understand the Shanghai dialect, venerable dragoness!“ Admittedly, that was a fib, but should I have said that I had been telepathically following their conversation on the soul plane?!

I have made my vocation my profession. Since 2014 I have been working full-time at home and abroad as a trance and otherworldly medium, mediumistic coach, book author and spiritual teacher. In the same year my book „Von Libellen, Schmetterlingen und dem Tanz auf dem Regenbogen“ (Of dragonflies, butterflies and the dance on the rainbow) was published by the renowned Allegria publishing house. I have a great affinity for babies, children and teenagers, to whom my first book is dedicated. The love between parents and children is as deep as an ocean. Who can measure the pain when they are separated?

Since 2018 I have my own practice in Dortmund, Germany, where most individual sessions and coaching take place. I love what I do and put my heart into it. It is a great concern of mine to help people in borderline situations, to comfort them, to clarify last questions and to support them on their way into a new life. From the beginning I have worked closely with psychiatrists, psychologists, grief-, trauma- and psychotherapists in Germany and abroad. I do not see my work as a substitute, but as a short-term complement on a path out of grief, into a new, positive life. Often, grief/trauma therapy can only be properly accepted internally after an afterlife contact has taken place.

It was a great challenge to participate in this study, which I gladly accepted. Because often I don’t even know what résumé the clients, who were mainly unknown to me, drew after the session. All the more surprising and overwhelming was the result of the now available EREAMS study, which was initiated by Professor Lazar. I had been told over and over again that I had a high hit rate, but to see this written down in numbers, data and facts was something very special. I would therefore also like to thank Oliver for his commitment and the meticulously prepared study according to scientific standards.

Website: https://bettinasuvirode.de
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