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Participate in the EREAMS study

Participate in the EREAMS study

How can I participate in the EREAMS study?

In April 2021 we have decided to continue the study and to evaluate the afterlife contacts with questionnaires again. I am pleased that you are interested in our study. I would be happy to explain the process to you. Since there is no research funding for this study (see below for explanation), we had to integrate the procedure into our normal working day. This means that in order to participate, you have to book a regular afterlife contact with Bettina Suvi Rode on www.jenseitsmedien.de. Bettina can speak English very well and she also offers online-sittings via zoom. For any questions please contact Mr Sascha Pootmann by e-mail (info@jenseitsmedien.de). At the sitting appointment you will then be asked if you would like to participate. I will then send you a link to the online questionnaire about 3-4 weeks later.

Why do I have to book and pay for an afterlife contact for this? Why is participation not free of charge?

I worked for many years in applied research, among others at the Fraunhofer Institute. All research projects are paid for from state funds, because research costs money. Test persons and employees only receive money and a salary because they have applied to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with research proposals. Only when a research proposal has been accepted because it is a promising project the research funds do flow. Unfortunately, there is no pot of money for research into the spiritual world, which means we have to finance our study ourselves. The two mediums from our EREAMS study do this full-time, that means they earn their living with the afterlife contacts. Offering the sittings for free would be tantamount to a complete loss of earnings. Even a medium has to pay rent, buy food, pay for electricity and heating, etc. Research costs money and who would give up his own salary for his private research? By the way, I sacrificed my free time for my part in the investigation of the afterlife contacts within the EREAMS study and I didn’t see a cent for it, I do it purely on a voluntary basis. I have written a commentary on the accusation that this is just money-making. As soon as someone agrees to provide us with research funds, the EREAMS study sessions would be free of charge from now on.