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LIVE at an afterlife contact – Messages from the deceased
The medium Bettina Suvi Rode gave me an insight into her everyday work. I was allowed to accompany her during two afterlife contacts and film her giving messages. [29:14 Min]
Published 14.05.2023


The sequel to my first interview with Werner Huemer, which now has over 1.8 million views (German + English). It is about the EREAMS study especially with regard to scientific methodology and the arguments of the sceptics (e.g. coldreading). [42:02 min]
Published on 07.10.2022

English language
Talk about the EREAMS-Studie with Q&A at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh/Scotland on 01.03.2022. [84:35 Min.]

English language
Jeffmara Podcast #407 (26.02.2022)
„After Contact From The Other Side, Skeptic German Scientist Start WORLD‘ S LARGEST MEDIUM Study“ [57:42 Min.]


More than 1.8 Million views (German + English version): Interview with Werner Huemer on Thanatos.TV / 07.10.2021 [50:32 Min.]