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Monatsarchiv Januar 2022

4th edition

My book „Beyond Matter“ is now going into its fourth edition! It’s amazing, I’m so happy.

Five-part video lecture series on the topic of science and beyond contacts

In cooperation with Giger Verlag, we have produced five exclusive video lectures online as of today (in German).

In a total of five video lectures with a total running time of approx. three hours, bestselling author Prof. Dr. Oliver Lazar presents the complex of topics of science and afterlife contacts.

  1. More than 100 years of science on afterlife contacts (approx. 41 minutes)
  2. Hot and cold reading – with psychological tricks to otherworldly contact (approx. 28 minutes)
  3. EREAMS study part 1 (approx. 43 minutes)
  4. EREAMS study part 2 (approx. 25 minutes)
  5. What do the sceptics say about the EREAMS study? (approx. 44 minutes)

To the trailer and video package