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New study in the wings

At the beginning of May we start with the first EEG examinations with Bettina Suvi Rode while she is giving sittings. If we get good data, this may be the starting signal for a new study on otherworldly contacts. The investigations will take place in cooperation with the association NEUROSCIENCE and ART e.V. (founded by Günter Haffelder).

Interview Jeffmara Podcast #407

My interview with Jeff from Texas about my spiritual awakening and the EREAMS study. „After Contact From The Other Side, Skeptic German Scientist Start WORLD’S LARGEST MEDIUM Study“ in English now on YouTube: watch the video

4th edition

My book „Beyond Matter“ is now going into its fourth edition! It’s amazing, I’m so happy.

Five-part video lecture series on the topic of science and beyond contacts

In cooperation with Giger Verlag, we have produced five exclusive video lectures online as of today (in German).

In a total of five video lectures with a total running time of approx. three hours, bestselling author Prof. Dr. Oliver Lazar presents the complex of topics of science and afterlife contacts.

  1. More than 100 years of science on afterlife contacts (approx. 41 minutes)
  2. Hot and cold reading – with psychological tricks to otherworldly contact (approx. 28 minutes)
  3. EREAMS study part 1 (approx. 43 minutes)
  4. EREAMS study part 2 (approx. 25 minutes)
  5. What do the sceptics say about the EREAMS study? (approx. 44 minutes)

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